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For a few months, the topic of cybersecurity has been taking more and more importance for companies. In 2014, 5 out of 6 companies with more than 2500 employees have been under attack1… The increasing media coverage of these attacks and data thefts shows that no company is safe from the pirates, and that efficiently securing one’s website is becoming vital.

Security: a historical activity for NBS System

For NBS System, cybersecurity has always been a major issue. Created in 1999, the company offered penetration testing and code audits. At the request of our clients, we have been developping since 2006 a managed hosting activity, and became the first Magento Enterprise and Hybris hosting provider in France.

This alliance of know-how allows us to offer highly secure ecosystems; however, they cannot take into account the deficiencies related to the applicative environments…

That is why we deveveloped, in 2011, a very high security environment, which can protect websites even when they are vulnerable: CerberHost.

CerberHost: a unique environment for 99,9% protection

CerberHost is a high security Cloud for 61% of the Web market (LAMP sites). 54% of companies are being attacked through their website; CerberHost aims at protecting them, as well as the ones which do not want to come to that!

There are new innovations every day in the security field (new attacks appear regularly!), we cannot claim to protect websites at a 100% rate. However, thanks to the chaining of 15 security layers acting together, CerberHost is without a doubt the most secure Cloud on the Internet for website hosting.

These security layers shield the website, preventing pirates from accessing the website’s code; that is how even websites with applicative flaws are protected. This result is ensured by the diversity of these layers; indeed, they gather:

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  • Human processes
  • Redundant physical infrastructure
  • Third-party open source softwares, (Netfilter, fail2ban, Pax/Grsec, inodemon, etc.) used as such or adapted and perfected by our teams
  • Tailor-made softwares created to fill the gaps (NAXSI, etc.)

CerberHost thus ensures a 99,9% security for these websites, no matter the current quality of their code, all the while keeping the flexibility of the Cloud approach. There is no equivalent offer on the market.

With CerberHost, security is our problem, not yours!

CerberHost, the PCI DSS Cloud inviolated to this day

PCI_DSSSince its inception, CerberHost proved its efficacity in many ways: tried and tested by security professionals (pentest by HSC on a Damn Vulnerable Web Application, CerberHost Spring Challenge), it was never compromised.

This invincibility has been confirmed by XMCO, the certification council, which certified that CerberHost is PCI DSS conformant in October, 2013 then in November, 2014.

This very high security platform thus respects standards allowing very sensible companies to be hosted… Some of them already trust us, such as the media Charlie Hebdo and i24News, e-commerce websites such as Intersport, Amersport (Salomon), Zadig & Voltaire, but also institutional websites such as Air Liquide.

CerberHost in pictures

Also discover CerberHost’s presentation video, the high security Cloud:

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For more information about CerberHost, do not hesitate to contact us!

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1 Source : http://www.lenetexpert.fr/les-statistiques-du-numerique-usages-risques-cybercriminalite/

Lucie Saunois
Lucie Saunois
IT aficionado, specifically when it comes to cybersecurity, since she joined OT Group in 2015, Lucie specializes in making technical, and often complex, topics understandable by anyone.