NBS System and Zend (the PHP company) created an open source projet around Magento, the current leading eCommerce solution. This project has been created by Magento lovers and is dedicated for Magento lovers. All the details of this project are explained to you in this article. Enjoy ! 


So, what is Magenthome about ?

Magenthome is a place dedicated to Magento developers. With Magenthome, Magento developers will be able to get a free access to Virtual Private Severs in order to improve their coding skills. In other words, Magenthome is a fun and easy way to code in a Magento optimised environment.

How does it work ?

Magenthome is very easy to use. What you have to do is ask your access on Magenthome’s website. We will check if you are a professional and then we will send you your password and all the details to connect you to the interface.

The next step is to create your Virtual Private Server. Just go on the link we will send you and you will be able to create one server in less than 30 second ! Great, isn’t it ?

Here is a screenshot of the interface.


A Magento community

When your server will be created, you will (if you want) connect with other developers on our dedicated forum. This place is for you, so do not hesitate to comment, ask questions, post your tips, ideas and so on. We will also post our new optimisation tricks and our Magento breaking news on this forum.

What are the requirements ?

We have only 3 requirements that must be respected :

  • Magenthome is for professionals only.
  • Magenthome is not made to be used for production websites. (Just integration / test / development).
  • Magenthome free VPS are for United-Kingdom users only.

Don’t wait, join Magenthome, join the community ! 🙂

Philippe Humeau
Philippe Humeau
Philippe co-founded NBS System in 1999. After a focus on cybersecurity, which he never gave up, he discovered a passion for e-commerce from 2008 on. Pentester, CTO, CCO then CEO, Philippe’s multifaceted profile drove him to becoming OT Group’s Marketing and Strategy Director.