AWSAmazon is mostly known by the public for its marketplace. However, the group developped another activity where it excells : Cloud Computing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) wa launched in 2006, originally just to rent CPU time on extra servers owned by Amazon. Today, they are the leaders on the market with their equipment representing 30% of the world Cloud offer, distributed on 11 regions with many datacenters, worldwide1.

In the third quarter of 2015, this offer made for less than 10% of Amazon’s sales revenue. However, it recorder a growth of 78% compared to the same period in 2014, and was the company’s most profitable business! Proof as it is that AWS takes off, and NBS System is now a part of it.

An alternative to internal hosting

For several months, our teams went through a huge R&D work in order to export our know-how on AWS’s platform.

Some members of our team are nos AWS Solution Architect certified, they are today able to serve our clients at best, guide them in their development, but also in their choices on this relatively complex platform!

This expertise and their big inveestment allow NBS System to offer a high quality management on AWS. It is of course the case for our “classic” managed hosting offer, but also for our CerberHost solution. We are indeed able to export all the protections layers of this very high security Cloud directly on the platform, for a maximum protection of our client’s websites.

This offer is now tried and tested since the beginning of 2015 for several of our international clients!

Client case

But why choosing NBS System’s management with AWS hosting? The most telling way to say it is to analyze an actual case. For one of our clients, we deployed CerberHost on AWS infrastructures in the USA and Australia; here are the benefits that this decision brought this client.



When a website is only hosted in France, as it was the case for our client, the response time to a request sent by an Internet user in the USA is, of course, longer than if this user was in Germany. The presence of AWS all over the world allows to overcome these delays, by distributing the traffic on several poles to reduce this response time.

The servers of our client that are hosted in France, on NBS System’s infrastructure, still deliver their services to European and African users. However, we also set up for him an AWS infrastructure in Australia, to serve Oceania and Asia, and in the USA to serve the whole of the American continent.

Thus, all over the world, Internet users visiting our client’s websites benefited from a faster response time and page load time. This increase in the websites’ performance also implies, of course, a higher conversion rate for our client!


At NBS System’s, the SLA (Service Level Agreement) indicating the availability rate of the site is 99.95%, which is a very good performance. At AWS’, the material, technical et technological means allow to reduce to nothing the risk of perturbations or unplanned down time. Their will is to ensure that their clients’ websites are always online. Which has been the case so far…


AWS also offers an option allowing to automatically adapt the number of servers depending on the traffic. Today, to ensure the availability of the websites in the case of a trafic peak, within an internal hosting, NBS System’s teams set up boosters or Extends to Cloud beforehand. On AWS’s infrastructre, it is automatical, it does not require any human presence, and it is live. It is the promise of AWS. It would be the end of down times caused by peak loads!


You too, choose AWS! Contact us for more information.


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Lucie Saunois
Lucie Saunois
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