PCI-DSSFor several months, our teams worked for NBS System to be compliant with the PCI/DSS standard. It is now done since the XMCO committee certified NBS System as a hosting provider compliant to the PCI DSS norms!

The validation process requires a new audit, one year later. Thus, in November 2014, the XMCO certification committee screened NBS System’s processes and infrastructure, to confirm the PCI DSS certification!

After a year and a half of being certified, NBS System is proud to offer serenely this security and quality guarantee to e-Retailers.

Concretely, what does it change?

A PCI/DSS hosting provider is part of a confidence chain

mouse and bagNBS System can’t replace the obligations made to the companies operating credit or debit card payments. However, a company wishing for instance to offer One clic payment (like Amazon), and to store credit card number will only ba able to do it by relying on a certified hosting provider such as NBS System.

It is also a quality and trust guarantee since the PCI consortium recognizes that NBS System preserves the security of bank data transiting or being stored on its systems.

A reward for a high sevurity Private Cloud, hosted by experts

NBS System offers a Cloud that is certified, secure, hosted 100% on French soil and managed from France, with data reversibility (restitution of data).

NBS System’s teams having already worked for two years on technical reassurance, this point (which is necessary to obtain the certificate of compliance) was quite easy to validate; the biggest work was on procedures and methods which are more specific.

With its very high security Cloud CerberHost, NBS System already had a technical reassurance level much higher than the current norms, whether PCI/DSS, ICO 27001, expect;  or even the ones regarding the storage of health data. This Cloud’s security layers, anti DDoS, anti applicative vulnerabilities, anti web vulnerabilities and with a N+1 duplication, had already been tested by the teams of the company HSC Consulting.

It is thus a strong organizational challenge that the company had to address, but it is now done!

Lucie Saunois
Lucie Saunois
IT aficionado, specifically when it comes to cybersecurity, since she joined OT Group in 2015, Lucie specializes in making technical, and often complex, topics understandable by anyone.