In January, 2016, NBS System joined OT Group to reinforce its offer and more widely promote highly secure hosting. Today, the three companies of the Group progress together and form a strong alliance. They have a unique vision and goal: to be the partner and guarantor of your digital security. This unity, both strategic and valor-wise, can now be found in their shared brand image.

OT Group, your digital security partners

OT GroupOrange is OT Group’s main color: warm, bracing, expressing good mood, optimism and openness, it perfectly embodies our employees’ state of mind. Far from the cold colors usually used on the IT market, it shows our attachement to the human, and the importance of our clients, and not only their projects, for us.

This capital vision for OT Group is also shown in its logo, where the bars of the “T” are open like the arms of our employees. We are the “partners of your digital security”, and it is not only a baseline: our goal is to work together to find the solutions that best meet your needs, in complete transparency.

This image is the representation of the strongest common trait among the Group, the one that makes all of our employees progress together. However, the three companies of OT Group have their own identity: each has its specialty, which is puts at its clients’ service, as well as at the other entities’ of the Group, for instance during transversal projects.

NBS System, secure by nature

NBS System is the most recent new face in OT Group, and thus radically changes its brand image!

By giving up the color blue and the frame of our logo, we simplify it and free ourselves from the “technical” and unbending stranglehold that we often have been associated with. Yes, our employees are experts, but it is the quality of our service, our humane dimension, and our will to find solutions that fit you and are the most important for the success of your projects.

NBS System is here protected by shields, at the top left and bottom right corners. They depict what has been the expertise of our company since 1999: data protection and systems securization. This dimension can also be seen in our baseline: “Secure by Nature”. NBS System’s teams are passionate about IT security, and are expert in one-shot services or hosting issues. Our private Cloud, our AWS environment, all of our client’s machines, our own infrastructures: we attach great importance to providing them with the better level of protection available, for you.

collaborateurs NBS System

A new website to better satisfy you

This revision of our brand image is combined with a new website! More complete, better organized, it helps you better understand our activity and offers. Beyond the clarified presentation of ou services, you will find explanatory pages that bring you the keys to understand our range of action and the services we provide you. With a better knowledge, you will be more autonomous regarding your projects! Look for the “To get into the subject in depth” sections. More and more pages will be available: feel free to tell us topics you would like to see explained!

Lucie Saunois
Lucie Saunois
IT aficionado, specifically when it comes to cybersecurity, since she joined OT Group in 2015, Lucie specializes in making technical, and often complex, topics understandable by anyone.