Every year, the end and beginning of the year are particularly important to e-merchants: between Christmas presents and the winter sales, consumers have a field day! That is why it is vital for professionals to prepare, in order not to miss any sales opportunity.

Specialized in e-commerce since 2006, and today the first Magento and Hybris hosting provider in France, NBS System guided numerous e-commerce websites during these periods of intense activity. Through the years, we noticed some good practices and checks to respect in order to maximize one’s likelihood to achieve a good period.

Thus, here is for you the e-merchant to-do list before the holidays and winter sales.

Make sure your website will hold the peak load

  • avantageconcurrentielHave a scalability test and optimize your website
  • If needed, add resources to it (for instance, an ETC or booster)
  • Install your applicative developments beforehand, then freeze them until the end of the period of intense activity
  • Prepare your caches
  • Allow your clients, during the week before the sales, to prepare their basket in advance. Thus, on the first day of sales, they will only need to get to your website to pay, without going through the product pages again.

rueducommerce_exTake care of your communication

  • Optimize your adwords and mailings in order to “smooth” the affluence on your website out over time and to optimize your ROI
  • Do not forget to “dress” your site to mark, visually, the sales or holiday period!
  • Choose wisely the products you will underline: positive reviews, trends (weather, events), large discounts….
  • Display the quantoty of products left in stock for the given price
  • Handle your product description with care
  • Do not hesitate to display the approximative time of delivery in order to entice your clients to order right away instead of postponing their purchase!

Make sure you respect the sales legislation

  • check_mark_200Display the reference price, the price after rebate, the validity date of the offer
  • Do not change the garantee of your products, it must be unique
  • Clearly indicate if you wish to apply a no-return policy on the product
  • Set in line the products that will benefit from discounts at least a month before the sales

Maintain a good service level

  • Check your stocks beforehand to avoid shortages
  • Make sure beforehand that all your logistics chain can hold in order not to disappoint clients

By following this list, you will avoid useless mistakes and put your best foot forward for a good end of 2015 and beginning of 2016!

Lucie Saunois
Lucie Saunois
IT aficionado, specifically when it comes to cybersecurity, since she joined OT Group in 2015, Lucie specializes in making technical, and often complex, topics understandable by anyone.