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With the multiplication of technologies, the specialization of IT needs and the rise of Web, your projects become more and more complex and their success is more and more critical. With more than 10 years of experience in managed hosting, NBS System and its teams acquired expertise in the optimisation of applications or websites, and make it available to support you in the success of your business.

Performance optimisation, platform scalability, DevOps, support in your digital transformation… are competencies we put at your service.


An always bigger need of accompanying

Do not take the risk of going through your projects alone! Even if initial costs seem more attractive without it, a project that has not been set up well can be a great disadvantage on the long term.

Undersized architectures causing bad performances, or oversized ones which cost too much are, unfortunately, not rare. In the same way, you can find useless flows or ill-interfaced services in some infrastructures… And it is often more expensive to fix these mistakes (both financially and production-wise), than to take the time to scale a project when it begins.

Do not hesitate any more, choose a partner!

NBS System's expertise

More than 10 years experience in hosting

40 technicians at your service

3 000 managed websites