DevOps: our offers

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DevOps: our offers

DevOps and continuous integration: agility at the heart of applicative development

Since 2014, the DevOps movement is mushrooming, both internally for our own services and externally for our clients. The agility and speed at which the digital economy changes our professions, and our clients’ ones, demands new practices and makes a new role appear: DevOps.
DevOps are hybrid profiles, dealing with both code and system administration.

The role of DevOps expands daily

We can however name, among their intervention scale, the following actions:

  • Deployment automation
  • Continuous deployment tools configuration and monitoring
  • Rollback/rollout and monitoring scripts management
  • Quality control
  • Applicative monitoring and client assistance
  • Redundant tasks automation
  • Resources deployment automation for traffic peaks

In a word, DevOps are the pillars of your flexibility, automating routine tasks to let you focus on your added value.