Research and expertise: a dedicated team

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Research and expertise: a dedicated team

An expert supports you in your complex projects

The web world in going through massive transformations, with the digital change started by many companies, and the shift en masse towards Public Clouds. However, your needs and stakes are often complex, and building an efficient and optimized project is not easy, let alone knowing which technologies to choose. The Research and Expertise Department (RED) puts its expert at your disposal to guide you in your database, network, DevOps and AWS Cloud stakes.

How does RED work?

Our expert, Emile Heitor, former CTO of NBS System, listens to your issues and the stakes of your business. His goal is to define with you the architecture that enables you to be as efficient as possible, in terms of both performance and costs, while addressing your needs.

Our expert takes over your issues and creates an action plan summarizing the right means and technical solutions to launch your project. Then, he can be there for a long-term architecture follow-up, according to your needs and wishes, to ensure the success of your project all along its life cycle.

Benefit from the best of the AWS Public Cloud

The AWS Public Cloud presents financial gains and an exploitation flexibility still unmatched… when it is used wisely. Indeed, the overabundant and very specialized offer makes it easy to set up a bad practice or to badly use a service…

To avoid not using AWS Cloud’s advantages at best, take advantage of our expert’s know-how. “Solutions Architect – Professional” certified, he builds with you the architecture that best matches your needs, both performance- and money-wise.

Other topics by RED

  • DevOps subjects and continuous integration training for developers
  • Set up of Serverless infrastructures
  • Intervention on DBA, network, system, deployment, automation issues
  • Creation of hybrid architectures and digital change

If you have an issue outside of these competencies? Our expert chooses and manages a freelance for you and the success of your project.


AWS Solutions Architect – Professional

Emile Heitor, an expert reknown in the community

years of experience