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Information Systems are taking an increasingly strategic role within businesses. Information Systems that are organised around several administrative aspects are now present in all parts of the company, and, in certain cases, it even determines its operational performance. But one of the sensitive questions that arises concerning the IS‘s business evolution is the question of IT security. Your IS changes along with your business, but have you thought about changing your IT security policy?

Do you want to know more about IT security in business? Our IT experts with over 18 years’ experience offer you a variety of consulting services and tools to protect your information system right now.


IT security

Securing your data revolves around a set of tools, policies, methods, and best practices to protect your entire IS. Beyond your data, your information system also includes your staff and the infrastructure that manages all this information.

IT security is a real challenge for companies which are becoming aware of the importance of protecting themselves against hackers. Whether it’s data theft, financial fraud, or industrial espionage, all forms of IT attacks, even the most common ones, can have drastic consequences on your business and sustainability.

Why secure your IT systems?

As you have understood, the main danger for you as a business is losing control of your IT system. You have surely heard of computer attacks that have happened to big companies, but they are not the only ones concerned by this threat: SMBs, medium industries and individuals can also be victims of digital crime whether targeted or opportunistic. Today, 57% of companies have already had a computer attack, and 18 new attack risks are discovered every day.

With the development of networks, the Internet of Things, the use of digital technologies in daily life and the explosion of data, hackers’ possibilities for attack are only increasing. Malware can spread around the world quickly; a compromised server can give control over an entire information system.

You shouldn’t ask yourself if you will be a target, but when! And above all, what impact would a compromise have on your business? For example, data theft impacts online visitors’ trust, can result in fines, and has a generally underestimated cost: in 2019, the total cost of data theft for businesses will reach 2.2% of global GDP, i.e., 2.1 trillion dollars. Does your production depend on your IT system? How many minutes of stoppage can you handle without losing turnover? The latter is why you should have a backup solution that can restore your data if an incident happens.

This is why we highly recommend you implement an IT security policy and use IT security services for your website and information system.

IT security for businesses: How to reduce the risk of attacks?

All companies should study their information system’s vulnerability and create an information system security policy to prevent all forms of digital crime. This IT security policy should be adapted throughout the information system’s lifecycle and is an excellent way to ensure your company is able to manage an IT crisis situation should it arise. It depends on your risk analysis, but it should include certain basic elements by default, such as those discussed below.

It is important to know that an IT system is never totally sheltered from a breach, given that new digital crime technologies are developed every day to find new flaws to exploit and that undiscovered pre-existing flaws are regularly found. You must update your equipment and your IS as often as possible.

Of course, respect best security practices, be it in your code or in your configurations. For example, use different login details for each of your applications, tools, or connected object within your system. To avoid your servers becoming corrupted, you can also use IT security tools; for example, some can identify and filter malware, others prevent code injections or other, more sophisticated IT attacks.

To verify that your business is protected against IT attacks and to keep it that way, we recommend carrying out an IT security audit for your information system. If you have never done one, you can contact specialists such as NBS System to accompany you in this process. Once the breaches and weak points have been detected, you can correct them before a hacker exploits them.

Online security strategy: what is the best time?

A company’s online security strategy applies throughout the year. This is not just an audit to identify your IS’s weaknesses. Depending on your business, you may need to carry out several audits a year and use tools to monitor your IS on a daily basis so that it is not the target of an IT attack.

Hackers do not go on holiday: many of their tools are automated and do not depend on things like business hours! It is vital that your systems are protected all the time and that your employees are trained in best practices so that they do not make mistakes that could compromise you.

Online security is a business necessity

NBS System, an IT security expert, offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Among these services, we find online security tests, security audits, internal and external penetration tests and post-penetration forensic analysis. The various audits and tests will allow your business to identify your IS’s weak points and correct them.

With its 18 years of experience in IT security, NBS System also produces open-source software. These IT security tools are the application firewall NAXSI that secures traffic to your website, PHP Malware Finder that can identify hidden malicious code on your website and Snuffleupagus that protects your PHP7 servers.

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