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Is your site protected against cyber-attacks? Find out about our IT security service.

Truthfully, the main goal of IT security and actors like NBS System is to make compromising your system so expensive that a hacker will change targets to attack a less protected company that is easier to reach.


Few businesses regularly test their information system (IS). Industrial espionage, data theft, denial of service attacks … you can find yourself confronted by many threats. That’s why you need to regularly check that your systems do not have any flaws by which hackers could infiltrate.

As an IT security and external service provider, NBS System performs many services to meet your IT security needs. The IT security audit and code review, as well as the (internal penetration or external penetration) tests and the social engineering services, identify your system’s weak points upstream so you can correct them. Should you be compromised, our experts can also conduct a forensic analysis to determine by whom and how the compromise was carried out.

NBS System’s IT security experts support your teams in their day-to-day IT security issues.

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Why call on NBS System experts for your security services?

Our IT security solutions to meet your needs

Implementing actions to measure your systems’ resilience from an IT security point of view can meet many needs:

  • Compliance

If you want to comply with certain standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HADS, or others, you will often be asked to audit the platform you want to certify.

  • Risk management policy

IT security, and more specifically IT security audit services (in all its forms), is often misunderstood as an expense that generates no return. It is true that once a system has been audited and any flaws have been fixed, it is difficult to know if this system would have been compromised or not without the fixes. However, according to a study by Ponemon in 2016, a compromise costs European companies an average of 3.7 million euros, not to mention the damage to your business’s reputation and image. Therefore, it is important to see security auditing services as an investment whose goal is to reduce the risk of even greater losses.

  • Raising your team’s awareness

Although technical management may be convinced of security’s importance to your IS, often it is difficult to raise all employees’ awareness, technical or not, of the impact of their actions.

  • A solid reputation and image among your customers

Taking a long-term approach to security can help you improve your image among your customers and show them that you take their personal information seriously. You build a relationship based on trust and improve your turnover.

For all these cases and many more, NBS System offers many IT security services to support you in securing your platforms and processes.

Why call on NBS System’s expertise in IT security?

Data security: NBS System’s core business

IT security is NBS System’s original core business. With 21 years’ experience in this field, customer demand led NBS System to offer hosting services in 2008. Of course, we were able to offer them secure services!

Technical experts in all aspects!

NBS System’s security unit includes several employee profiles: ones dedicated to R&D with a strong open source spirit, and others dedicated to operational services for our customers. In any case, all members of the unit have three shared assignments:

  • “Market” monitoring: we proactively monitor the market, so we are always up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities, CVEs and 0Days detected.
  • Attentive “client” monitoring: we conduct a regular scan of our entire field of clients via our in-house tool AppScanner. This “mill” regularly scans our clients’ sites to detect its language, the version as well as the CMS or framework that make up its environment. This information is crossed with the list of identified vulnerabilities to verify that none of our clients is vulnerable to an attack.
  • The role of SecOps: in turn, each member of our security unit will take on the role of SecOps, whose main assignment is to monitor our clients’ security events to be able to intervene as fast as possible in case of attack. In addition to the service provided to our clients, this way of working also allows all our experts to stay up-to-date with market realities.

A state-of-the-art methodology!

Like all good penetration test professionals, our teams base their auditing methodology on the best standards in the field, such as:

  • OWASP Testing Guide
  • OWASP Risk Rating Methodology

But our security experts’ strength also lies in how they assess the severity of vulnerabilities according to the CVSS ( standard and their own rating system.

Our teams use a methodology that adapts and is constantly refined to fit your needs and issues.

When should you do an IT security test?

IT security requires regular, almost daily, effort. No one can guarantee 100% security over the long term. As robust as your system may be, it is undoubtedly only so for a moment. That’s why our experts (and our colleagues) advise our clients to test their information systems regularly. Whether for their e-commerce site, their business application, their network architecture, or their mobile application, we recommend an IT security audit every two or three years on average.

That said, there are certain stages in your IT projects that are better suited to penetration tests, like the acceptance testing phase. Ideally, you should include IT security in your thinking right from the design stage of your new projects. However, if this is not the case, at the least, we recommend you do a penetration test or code audit during the acceptance testing phase before your project goes into production.

Furthermore, it is important to keep your platform’s security in mind in your continuous improvement approach. That is why an audit ahead of your migration projects or major updates can be beneficial, even life-saving. Changing your CMS, switching to a new PHP version, including a new feed in your network protocol … all these changes are key moments in your projects where IT security should not be left aside.

Do you have a major project, or do you just want to test your system?

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