External penetration test

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External penetration test

Penetration tests enable you to measure the exposition of your company, your applications and your networks, to cyberthreats, and thus to implement actions to reduce the identified risks. Whether internal or external, on all or parts of your information system, this security test relies on the simulation of malicious acts which could be tried by a third party.

What is an External Security Test – EST?

An external penetration test is also called External Security Test (EST). During these tests, our security experts aim at simulating the behavior of a malicious third party having no preliminary knowledge of your Information System, and trying to access it or to gather sensitive information from the outside. To do that, they try to act as a hacker could, by trying to bypass security systems and exploiting potential vulnerabilities. These penetration tests are usually made using the “black box” approach, or “blind” approach, but in some cases they can go on with a “grey box” approach (for instance, applications whose use requests an authentication).

During a black box test, our security experts have no information about your platform before the test: no source code, no login information, and no technical information about the software. It is different from grey box testing, where such information can be given to the pentester.

Why do an External Security Test?

We often underestimate the stature of the Information System, and thus how vulnerable it can be. During these tests, our experts highlight all the sensitive elements of your platform, and give you the actions and best practices that you can implement to fully secure it.

When is the External Security Test needed?

The penetration test can be done at any time during your information system’s life cycle, in order to evaluate its security level. However, we advise you to do a security test before the production launch. Indeed, by correcting the vulnerabilities before the launch, you expose a secure platform and don’t give hackers¬†a chance to compromise it!


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