Forensic: post intrusion analysis

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Forensic: post intrusion analysis

Why and when is a forensic analysis needed?

If you think you might have been the victim of espionage, fraudulent access, piracy or if you have a dispute with an employee, forensic analysis can bring many answers.
When a company suffers from a malicious act, a fraud or an IT attack, there is a form of IS audit that can help : the Forensic enquiry. This IT security audit consists in collecting, preserving and analyzing digital proofs. The goal of this prestation is to determine with precision the operation method of the hacker and to provide proof of a fraud.


This a posteriori analysis consists in gathering IT traces (logs, disks) in order to find the cause behind the possible compromission of a system or application.


This IT traces analysis aims at revealing facts and proofs to build a case, and to provide arguments based on facts to a law representative (legal practitioner, legist, lawyer).


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