SecOps: IT security

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SecOps: IT security

SecOps: Security Operations, a “must have”

Nowadays, it seems inconceivable not to protect an Information System. After the numerous attacks against companies like Adobe, Sony, JPMorgan or others, to not care about this issue means having to fix everything under pressure when compromission happens.

Beyond these targeted attacks, massive attacks such as the ones using Mirai or Wannacry have also shown that having a professional and reactive team can save a company from sinking security-wise.

NBS System puts its penetration tests, forensic and code audit team at the disposal of its clients, notably under CerberHost.

This team is used to test secure networks, and puts all of its knowledge into practice to ensure your daily IT security.

SecOps can cover:

  • IT security watch over emerging vulnerabilities
  • Virtual Patching
  • Patching and Forensic in case of an incident
  • SOC (Security Operation Center) deported for our clients
  • Training
  • Configuration hardening
  • Source code audit before production launch

And many more tailor-made actions according to your needs.

NBS System’s expertise in SecOps

years experience in IT security

Technological watch, notably on Magento’s security

40 technicians at your service