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Web security test

Web security tests, or applicative security tests, enable you to measure the exposition of your website to cyberthreats, and thus to implement actions to reduce the identified risks. Whether internal or external, on all or on parts of your website, this security test relies on the simulation of malicious acts which could be tried by a third party.

What is an Applicative Security Test – AST?

A web penetration test is also called Applicative Security Test (AST). During these tests, our security experts aim at simulating the behavior of a hacker trying to compromise your website or web application, usually to steal your data. They try to bypass the security systems and exploit potential vulnerabilities in real-life conditions, in order to test your platform in the most efficient way possible.

These tests can be made using a black box or grey box approach, depending on the level of information you want to give them about your application. In a black box test, they only know the name of your company and the URL of your website. In a grey box test, you provide them with a user name or login details so that they can access your member area, and thus test it in-depth.

Why do a Web Security Test?

When a website is launched, the range of the exposed surface is often underestimated, as well as the number of vulnerabilities it can host. It is also not easy to maintain an active watch of security incidents for all the underlying technologies… During these tests, our experts point out every sensitive element on your platforms, and provide you with the actions and best practices to implement in order to fully secure them.

When is a Web Security Test needed?

A penetration test can be done at any time during your website’s or application’s life cycle, in order to evaluate its security level. However, we advise you to do a security test before the production launch. Indeed, by correcting the vulnerabilities before the launch, you expose a secure platform to the Web and don’t give hackers¬†a chance to compromise it!


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