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NBS System’s vision of Open Source

The Open Source philosophy has been in NBS System’s DNA since the creation of the company in 1999. That choice, which made us choose Linux over Windows, incidentally gave the company a part of its name… NBS for No Blue Screen!


Since its creation, NBS System has been part of the Open Source ecosystem.

  • We mainly host and manage Open Source technologies.
  • We use Open Source tools internally and for our clients.
  • We sponsor some Open Source tools projects.
  • Our experts take part (privately and/or professionally) in the improvement of Open Source tools and projects.
  • And mostly, we also create some!

Open Source has always been a motivating element within NBS System’s teams. This collaboration and the yearn to “do better together” as played a role and greatly influenced our R&D projects as well as our continuous improvement approach.

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