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PHP Malware Finder

Targeting malicious code hidden on your websites

Backdoors are pieces of malicious code left by some pirates on the websites they compromised. They provide them with an access to the data, or allow them to use your website’s resources for their own purposes.
PHP Malware Finder detects these backdoors by scanning your website. It warns your administrator for him or her to do what is needed to protect your data.

PHP Malware Finder, an Open Source security tool

PHP Malware Finder has been created as an internal security tools for our clients (it is one of the security layers of CerberHost). It is compatible with PHP and ASP (Microsoft) applications.

This tool is Open Source. You are free to use it as you wish, and feel free to contribute!

[Access PHP Malware Finder’s Github page]

Backdoors: the dangers

  • Data theft
  • Anonymous SPAM sending from your server
  • DDoS attacks sent from your server
  • Illegal content hosting
  • Etc…

PHP Malware Finder’s answers

  • Adaptation to new threats via dynamic updates
  • Analysis of doubtful functions
  • Obfuscation patterns spotting
  • File decrypting capacity
  • False positive detection