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Under the current circumstances, where the world of the web is constantly changing, a website must evolve: it is unthinkable to post a website online and let it “live” on its own without optimisation. You not only have to update its content regularly to maintain good SEO results, but also monitor user experience trends or risk being overtaken by competitors.

However, user experience is not simply a matter of ergonomics and aesthetics.

Whether it involves security systems to reassure your website’s visitors, ensuring that your platform functions properly, or allocating the appropriate amount of resources to guarantee seamless browsing for customers, this user experience is also affected by your website’s hosting and managed services!

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Benefit from the skills of experts

In the era of public clouds and automation, we now see very little of the technologies underlying an application or website. Physical machines can be managed by service providers such as public cloud suppliers, and it is becoming easier and easier for companies to manage their applications themselves.

However, this “do-it-yourself” trend is no substitute for outsourcing. The expertise of market players like NBS System provides solutions to save you time and money.

Day-to-day management and continuous improvement of your platforms

Your peace of mind is our goal.

At NBS System, we take care of all system incidents that could impact your platform. We handle your requests and contribute to the continuous improvement of your platform. We’re also there to provide help if you have application problems.

For the success of your project and optimal availability of your applications, we offer two additional services:

  • 24/5 technical support: continuous processing of requests, Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day.
  • 24/7 on-call: 24/7 incident management on your platforms, all year round.

Provide a quality experience for your website’s visitors in all situations

Web performance is becoming an increasingly important subject in any application project. Internet users are more and more demanding, and companies must continuously optimise their website to ensure a good user experience for their customers.

That’s why NBS System became the official partner of Quanta in 2015 and provides all its customers with a starter license allowing you to analyse your website’s performance.

This interface, shared with your teams (technical, business, management) and your technical service providers, allows us to work together with your development agency to identify the sources of slowdowns or malfunctions more quickly and resolve any website difficulties as soon as possible.

In addition, we guide you in defining and calibrating your architecture so that you never find yourself lacking resources. Always welcoming your website’s visitors in optimal conditions: that is your challenge and our know-how. Learn more about our load testing and resource allocation solutions to better manage traffic peaks related to your web activity.

Opt for project support

Discover what NBS System can do to provide you with day-to-day support and to manage your IT outsourcing for added peace of mind. We can give you access to the following professionals:

  • A Service Delivery Manager to oversee the consistency between your expression of needs and the provided services, clarify the steering of actions, and ensure that processes are cohesive with your project objectives;
  • A Project Manager for your platform to ensure smooth operations, lead the technical teams, and monitor the service;
  • A Technical Leader to guarantee consistency of the offered solutions and manage matters of high technical complexity by proactively making recommendations for technical optimisation.

These professionals all share the mission of supporting you in your daily activities but also in meetings of various committees (strategic or functional committee, steering or security committee, project or technical committee, financial committee, etc.).

Make IT security an advantage for your platform

NBS System makes its security services team available to its customers, especially in CerberHost. This team, accustomed to penetrating secure networks, applies all its knowledge to ensure your security every day.

Whether you need monitoring, virtual patching, forensic investigations of incidents, or auditing, our SecOps experts are there to handle your IT security issues.

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