24×7 on-call support and 24×5 technical support


Ensure the availability of your website or application at any time

On the Internet, there are no working hours or public holidays. Your website or web application have to always be online to serve your visitors at any time of the day or night. To guarantee this uninterrupted activity, NBS System offers you a 24h per day, 7 days a week on-call duty service, public holidays included. Our teams are at your disposal to resolve any incident (outside application) that might happen, and make your website available again.

A curative maintenance outside working hours

During working hours, our support teams are available to address all of your requests and handle potential incidents on your platforms.

With the 24/7 on-call duty service, benefit from an incident management (outside application) during non-working hours and days, to put your website or application back online quickly. It also enables you to plan maintenances outside working hours.

A simple billing

The 24/7 on-call duty service is an annual option. It gives you access, at any time, to our night team, to resolve potential incidents or to make planned maintenances. You are then billed by the half-hour or hour of intervention on your platform. If the incident was caused by NBS System, our intervention is obviously not billed.

A team at your disposal 24h a day


40 technicians at your service

years experience

Available on our private Cloud and on AWS public Cloud

A single number for simplicity