Web performance: managing your traffic peaks


Traffic peaks, an important issue

Internet users are increasingly demanding about their experience when they visit websites. The slightest error or the smallest slowdown can cause a considerable loss of revenue for e-merchants but also a negative image for institutional websites.

As an outsourcer with in-depth knowledge of these issues, NBS System lends its know-how and experience to optimise your servers and improve the experience of your users and website visitors.

To ensure your website’s performance, it is important to know how to scale its architecture and above all adapt it to your traffic trends to always provide the same quality of use to your customers. Our solution is to support you in two different but complementary ways.

First stage of web performance: Load testing

What is the purpose of a load test?

The goal of a load test is to enable you to measure the traffic absorption capacity of your website or web application and ultimately provide you with recommendations to optimise the overall performance of your architecture.

What do our experts do during a load test?

By virtually replicating your users’ browsing scenarios, our experts will be able to identify how many concurrent connections your architecture can take.

Because your website is unique, as well as the experience offered to your users, we can adapt our tests through different scenarios to get as close to reality as possible:

  • Logged or unlogged browsing
  • Conversion funnel, from adding products to the cart to making a payment
  • Time between the different stages of the scenario
  • Testing period
  • Geographical origin of traffic

In short, we work together to define the scenario(s) to be put in place to accurately replicate your users’ behaviour. These scenarios are then played out, gradually increasing the number of concurrent scenarios, until the tested platform slows down or stop running. The number of concurrent scenarios before this point is your architecture’s load limit.

What results will you get?

By defining the breaking point to be avoided on your environment, we guide you in determining action plans to be implemented to optimise and improve your website’s performance in a “standard” situation.

Plus, by combining this information with your traffic history, it will be easier for you to anticipate traffic peaks exceeding this breaking point so that you can always provide your customers with an optimal experience on your applications.

Then you’ll be able to add occasional resources to your architecture according to the identified visit projections. NBS System can also help you with this thanks to our two occasional resource allocation solutions:

  • Boosters: to absorb your foreseeable traffic peaks
  • Extend To Cloud (ETC): to counterbalance unforeseeable spikes in visits to your website

What benefits will you get from it?

  • Control response time when traffic is heavy
  • Identify server requirements regardless of how much traffic there is
  • Improve the availability of your services
  • Increase your responsiveness in case of problems
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving your website’s performance 

Second stage of web performance: allocation of additional resources

Need an agile traffic capacity?

  • Media: hot news, etc.
  • E-merchants: sales, Black Friday, promotional events, etc.
  • Institutional: TV spots, etc.

When there’s a traffic peak, if your website’s underlying infrastructure isn’t suitable, your visitors will sense a drop in performance. Some may not even be able to access your webpages! Anticipating these cases – and adding resources accordingly – allows you to maintain a quality service for all visitors to your website. You can therefore avoid any loss of image, visitors, or revenue in for an e-commerce website. Google will reward you too! The search engine penalises the slowest websites. At NBS System, we offer two solutions to our customers on our private cloud: boosters and ETC.


If your spikes in activity are predictable and relatively isolated, our teams can add CPUs and/or RAM to your infrastructure at your request to accommodate additional visitors to your website without any loss of performance.

Plan to broadcast a TV spot? Want to hype a new product? Have private sales events coming up? Reinforce your architecture with one or more boosters to avoid disappointing your customers!

This service is billed by the day. Simply give us one week’s notice to program this new configuration correctly.

Extend To Cloud

Is your activity seasonal, or do you experience many spikes in activity on your website throughout the year? Does your website’s traffic fluctuate unexpectedly? Extend to Cloud is right for you!

This annual solution gives you additional resources when you need them in just a few minutes. You’ll have year-round access to “dormant” servers adapted to your architecture and configured during their implementation. Add these extra resources to your platform and activate them upon request in 20 minutes.

Your website can then efficiently serve the occasional influx of visitors without any loss of web performance and with complete transparency. Once the spike has passed, deactivate the additional resources until you need them again.

An economical solution

Gone are the days of paying for resources that sit unused for most of the year! Save money on your architecture by limiting it to the resources that you need all the time.

Subscribe to the annual ETC package and pay for your resources only when you use them! The activation of instances is billed by the hour, day, or month. The annual fee covers the cost of keeping the server in the same operational condition as your usual servers, for quick activation in production without stumbling blocks.

Extend to Cloud offers:

  • Instances with 8 CPUs/16GB RAM
  • 1 to 3 instances per server according to your needs
  • Activation in 20 minutes

  • Our other actions for your website’s performance

    Performance is a major indicator of a website’s success and effectiveness. Internet users are becoming increasingly impatient and expect peak performance when they visit websites, no matter the period or context!

    In addition, our partnership with Quanta give you free access to a web performance analysis solution.

    Our experts are also available to test your website’s security

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