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Up until a few years ago, companies hosted their own applications. However, setting up a physical infrastructure requires a large initial financial investment and lots of resources (human and financial) to keep these infrastructures operating and performing properly.

This gave rise to hosting services, which gave companies the possibility of outsourcing their web hosting to professionals in this field. It was in response to this need that NBS System offered hosting solutions that have evolved over time.

Our mission is to ensure the optimal performance of your platforms to support your digital development with peace of mind. At NBS System, media, B2C or B2B e-commerce, and institutional websites will find different hosting solutions suited to their needs but always offering complete security.

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Why use NBS System for your web hosting?

NBS System initially provided auditing and penetration testing services to its clients. At their request, we became a web host in 2016. IT security was then our core business.

To satisfy these clients, mainly from the retail sector, the company shifted its focus to IT hosting with a specialisation in e-commerce. The company therefore invested in a data center, and then in a second one, to be able to offer high-security outsourced hosting solutions. The technical teams then built up strong expertise in numerous e-commerce solutions, such as Magento, Hybris, and more recently OroCommerce, while keeping their original focus in mind: IT security.

With the advent of public clouds and particularly the increased use of AWS (Amazon Web Services), NBS System had a duty to supplement its outsourcing solutions with expertise on this cloud. Today, our technical teams have “AWS Solutions Architect Associate”, “Professional”, and “AWS Developer Associate” certifications. In addition, thanks to our IT security expertise, NBS System can offer you many security solutions on this public cloud for your environments.

Web hosting services for even greater security

Security is NBS System’s original core business, so much so that when we diversified and entered the world of web hosting, we maintained this DNA throughout our development choices.

Building on this momentum, we created our high-security cloud solution: CerberHost, available on our private cloud and the AWS public cloud.

Always striving to provide more services and security, we obtained certification for CerberHost, which has been PCI DSS-compliant since 2013. If you need to back up your customers’ banking data, whether you want to be certified or not, you have a guarantee that the infrastructure hosting this data will be secure. In 2017, NBS System also obtained ISO 27001 certification for its private cloud, a certification that was renewed in 2018.

As you can see, NBS System makes every effort to provide services and hosting to ensure the sustainability of your critical data through a strong continuous improvement policy. NBS System is also committed to another factor: the availability of your websites and applications. Through data center redundancy, anti-DDoS solutions, SecOps teams, and more, our teams of experts make every effort to ensure the best technical, hardware, and process developments.

On a different note, our teams of IT security experts offer IT security services (audits and penetration tests – the company’s historical business) to analyse your Information Systems and propose areas for improvement to strengthen your IT defences.

Managed solutions and services tailored to your needs

NBS System is a web hosting and IT outsourcing company dedicated to professionals. Since 2006, it has been committed to meeting its clients’ needs with solutions and services suited to their issues and constraints.

That’s why the outsourcing and hosting solutions can be accompanied by numerous human services that offer high added value. You can take advantage of pre-sales support for the most optimal design of your architecture, SDM (service delivery management) and project management services, as well as 24/5 support and 24/7 on-call services and SecOps solutions. In short, our solutions are customised and completely adapted to your needs.

From a technical and software perspective, we also offer scalability solutions for your resources (private and public cloud), Quanta application monitoring tools, and load testing solutions so that you never have to deal with a situation of traffic peaks exceeding your architecture’s capacity.

We have established all these solutions, offerings, and processes over the years so that we can always provide the best response to your request, address your issues, and grow your business.

For more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our sales representatives.

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