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Since the mainstreaming of the Internet, the global market has been constantly changing, regardless of the sectors. Thanks to the numerous innovations of software publishers, web hosts, and other players in the web market, companies have access to many solutions and services to offer a better user experience to their customers, simplify the management of their Information System, and, in short, support and grow their business. The latest major technological shift, the cloud, is thus a major part of the digital transformation, providing highly distinctive advantages, and will become increasingly important in the future.

You simply need to choose a private cloud hosting, a public cloud, or both!

Understand that whatever type of cloud you choose, you will first have to determine what your needs are. The public cloud provides a high level of flexibility and speed and a guarantee of availability that is often unbeatable thanks to the huge amounts of resources of suppliers. However, your data is often hosted abroad. On the other hand, the private cloud offers, among other things, a big advantage in terms of the security of your data.

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Identify the major issues of your business to choose your cloud hosting solution

Selecting your cloud hosting should not be done lightly. You need to ask yourself which option – between private cloud and public cloud – is best for your project. Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution or universal cure-all: every project is different and must be given a framework and studied. The answer is not obvious because it depends on your needs and your level of standards on topics such as performance and availability, agility and scalability, IT security, etc. To choose the solution that suits you, look at the major issues of your business activity and the application you want to host.

You’ll find that a simple showcase website won’t need the same resources or outsourcing services as a multinational e-commerce application with bank data backup, etc. Among these two examples, the required service level (support, managed services, security, etc.) and the design of the architecture necessary for the web project are diametrically opposed.

If you have strong security needs, private cloud hosting is the solution that seems most suitable. Many of our private cloud customers do not want to switch to a public cloud (of any kind) for security and geographic reasons. Their data is sensitive, and their policy is to back up their data only on French territory, under the protection of laws applicable in France, such as the GDPR.

If your platform is likely to change significantly or you’re still in the digital transformation testing phase, for example, the public cloud provides freedom to experiment: you can perform tests without commitments and at a lower cost before making a final decision and launching the investments that go with it. Or, for business reasons, you may need to be present internationally with “duplications” of websites by geographical area in order to be able to best respond to users in the US with a website based in the US, German prospects with a website backed up in Europe, etc. In that case, public cloud hosting via AWS, for example, is an ideal solution.

These are just two examples of the multitude of priorities and needs associated with your projects: take the time to think about them and make an informed decision. That’s the guarantee of a successful project in the long term!

As the operator of our own private cloud for more than 12 years and an expert in architecture outsourcing on the AWS public cloud since 2016, we now have the know-how to assist you in choosing the cloud best suited for your needs according to your constraints, activities, businesses, financial situation, etc.

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Is your project complex?  Does it combine websites, business applications, and management of complex processes?  Do you have a specific goal but don’t know how to achieve it? Our experts can also assist you in defining and designing an optimal hybrid architecture. Our RED (Research & Expertise Department) is a team dedicated to studying “atypical cases” requiring more advanced consideration, expertise, and research.

In addition, NBS System was built around open source and has developed strong expertise in environments like Linux and Unix. However, if you have a Windows project, thanks to our colleagues at Oceanet Technology (member company of the OT Group), we can also meet your needs on these environments. This structure, historically made up of Windows experts, now makes it possible – through a merger of the teams – to offer a comprehensive solution to customers who have a mixed environment.

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