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Today, hosting websites and applications on the Cloud is essential. Physical infrastructures that don’t use virtualization do not allow to reach the flexibility and scalability inherent in virtualized architectures.

Remains, for you, the choice between private or public Cloud… or both, depending on your needs! Public Cloud provides an important flexibility and speed, and an availability guarantee that’s rarely matched. However, its servers are usually mutualized, and your data hosted abroad. On a private Cloud, your data is however more protected by default.


Identify the major stakes of your business to choose your solution

The selection of your hosting environment must not be taken lightly. There are no miracle solutions or universal panacea: every project is different and must thus be defined and studied as such. In order to choose the solution that fits you, look at the major stakes of your business and the application or website you need to host. If you have strong security needs, a private Cloud seems to be the best solution: with data hosted in France, you are not under the heel of the Patriot Act like with AWS for instance. If your platform is likely to evolve greatly, or that you are still in the testing phase of your digital transformation, public Cloud brings “entrepreneurial freedom”: you can make tests without obligation and at a lower cost before reaching your final decision, and launching investments… These are only two examples among the multitude of priorities and needs associated with your projects: take some time to think about it, and make a decision knowingly. That is the guarantee of a project that succeeds in the long term!

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