AWS Cloud: our offer

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AWS Cloud: our offer

AWS, the rising hosting platform

AWS hosting platform revolutionized the hosting world. In advance of all its competitors, Amazon offers extremely scalable environments, and aim at optimizing your infrastructures by improving their performances while reducing the costs.
However, AWS remains a technical platform, with a multitude of products usually made to address a very specific need. Thus, you need to be accompanied by an AWS partner to get the best out of the platform.

Benefits of AWS

  • Flexibility: you can deploy your machines on the fly in a few minutes.
  • Scalability: with auto-scaling, your platforms and resources automatically adapt to your needs.
  • Internationalization: 14 zones in Europe, America and Pacific Asia, for better performances abroad.
  • Savings: by choosing large volumes or by committing to AWS, you can reduce your costs up to 70%.

NBS System guides you in your AWS project

To fully enjoy these advantages, NBS System guides you in the world of Amazon Web Services. Without this, the risk for you is to use and join AWS services badly, and to get worse performances and a bigger bill than before your migration.

Our certified experts are at your service to design your architecture, the management of your migrations, the set up and monitoring of your platform, and its general exploitation. Always listening, we take part in the continuous improvement of your infrastructure with the same goal as AWS: improve your performance and reduce your costs.

Our team’s certifications

  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS Developer Associate

Our offers on AWS

You can choose standard hosting on AWS or get the secure environment, CerberHost. It is fully available on this platform. Your data is thus protected against 99,9% of IT attacks, regardless of the quality of your code.

NBS System’s added value on AWS

AWS Standard Partner, soon-to-be Advanced

Freedom to choose a secure environment

AWS certified experts, for a tailor-made guidance

Presence on 3 zones, expansion according to your needs