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Securing your servers becomes essential

Attacks that touched all of the Web (Ransomware with Wannacry or DDoS with Miraï) showed once more the need for every company to secure its platforms. Hackers target companies to damage brand image, stop business, divert money or products and gather sensitive information. Two thirds of these attacks are related to servers exposed on the Internet, and protecting these exposed servers becomes a major stake for the stability of companies.


A secure Cloud that meets your needs

The security around your servers is specific to NBS System. NBS System offers two great types of security for your VPS (Virtual Private Server), whether on AWS or on our own Private Cloud:
– environmental protections that are set up on the infrastructure
– local protections for your secure virtual private server

Among the protections on the infrastructure, we can name:

  • our dynamic firewall which adapts itself to the attacks and blocks them in real time
  • our WAF (Web application Firewall), NAXSI, which protects your web applications
  • our anti-DDoS equipment against Denial of Service attacks up to 100 Gb/s
  • our separated VLAN to isolate clients from each other
  • our simultaneous sessions limiter to prevent applicative DoSs
  • Our virtual patching system to patch applicative vulnerabilities while waiting for a security update
  • Our SIEM which records every security event

Here are a few examples of local protections:

  • Pax & GRsec, security patches for the Linux kernel, making it resilient to many attacks such as Overflow
  • Watchfolder, which checks permanently the files reception, their type, and if they are dangerous
  • PHP Malware Finder
  • MySQL Monitor
  • Hardened configurations of the Linux system and its daemons – etc.


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