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Secure private server

NBS System’s private cloud hosting is a combination of high-end hardware and talented system administrators to provide you with efficient, seamless, available web hosting.

But that’s not all! Speed and stability are key factors, but you also have to think about IT security. Our original activities of auditing and penetration testing have shown us the importance of IT security in web hosting.

Securing your servers is essential

The types of attacks affecting the Web (ransomware, DDoS attacks, industrial espionage) demonstrate every day the need to secure your hosting. Attackers target companies to tarnish the brand image, halt business, divert funds or products, and recover sensitive information. Two-thirds of these attacks originate from servers exposed to the Internet: secure servers are a must. This means establishing a security zone between them and the Internet and has become an issue of stability for companies.

That’s why we pride ourselves on providing you with the most secure IT infrastructure, even on our standard IT hosting solutions. Don’t put your applications at risk through your hosting. Make IT security one of your top priorities.

The services included in our standard outsourced web hosting solution

NBS System has been an IT security expert since 1999 and an outsourcing host since 2006. Our services have evolved over time to be closer to your needs. That’s why, even for our standard web hosting solution, we provide you with the following services:

Architecture design: for personalised support from the start

After our first contact, our sales teams will ask you to fill out a qualification questionnaire so that we can understand your business issues and provide you with a commercial proposal appropriate for your project. By relying on our pre-sales engineers, your account manager will then be able to provide you with an initial web architecture proposal respecting your constraints and bringing the best keys to success to your project.

Technical support: for available customer service

To support you every day in the evolution of your platform, our technical support team answers the phone and your tickets Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.

For extended support hours (24/5 support or 24/7 on-call service), learn about our different options here.

Hardware and brainpower: for efficient IT security

In recent years, DDoS attacks have become increasingly frequent and powerful. Some refer to them as the new bane of the Internet. To counter this risk and to protect ALL our clients regardless of the level of service under contract, we provide all our customers with an Anti-DDoS solution. Learn more about the content of our Anti-DDoS service.

In addition, our team of IT security experts is on continuous watch to detect any new flaws or potential threats present on the web. This active monitoring allows our teams to be able to keep you informed very quickly by email in case of a hazard and allows our SecOps experts to react in a very short time to implement the necessary corrective solutions.

Infrastructure and monitoring: for even more performance

As an IT security expert, we made the most of all our knowledge in this field when we set up our infrastructure.

With a robust and redundant architecture, an anti-DDoS solution, open source security tools, and a monitoring framework, we have combined physical hardware, software tools, processes, and brainpower to provide you with a powerful infrastructure to accommodate your web architectures and environments in the best conditions.

In addition, to work seamlessly with you and your development agency, we provide all our customers with a starter license for the Quanta application monitoring solution (retail value: €190/month). This solution is a tool to monitor the speed of your pages and your conversion rate in real time, detect malfunctions to correct them as quickly as possible, view the impact of the web performance of your business, measure the revenues generated by your technical optimisations, and perform many other functions. All these features are grouped together in one intuitive interface accessible by all your teams and service providers. View our more comprehensive page about this solution

Metrology and statistics: to give you better visibility

We install two metrology and statistics components on your environments free of charge to provide you with more information on the health of your environments and applications.

  • Metrology: this tool monitors any server setting and makes the information available in graph form in a web interface.
  • Statistics: this solution calculates your website’s statistics from the log files generated by the website’s hosting server.

Managing your SSL certificates: to free yourself from these constraints

Are you tired of managing your website’s SSL certificate? Do you regularly forget to renew it on time? Or do you think it’s “wasted” time for your teams, who could instead be focusing on areas with higher added value for your business? If you would like, our teams can manage your SSL certificates for you!

With our partner SSL24/7, we can provide you with the certificate(s) most suitable for your situation. An official partner of the largest certificate brands (Symantec, GeoTrust, Rapid SSL, and many others), SSL24/7 has stood out on the market for many years as a major specialist in security. By tasking us with managing your SSL certificates, we offer you their expertise, advice, and customer support.

In addition, if we manage your certificates, we cover the setup costs and organise its timely renewal to simplify your daily work and free your mind. Just ask us!

For more service and support, learn more about our outsourcing options

 Want to go even further with support and outsourcing services? Learn more our additional options and services here!

You will find more details about:

  • Our technical support options: 24/5 support and 24/7 on-call
  • Our support services: Service Delivery Manager, Project Manager, Technical Manager, as well as the various project monitoring bodies (steering committee, for example) that we offer
  • Our solutions to guide you in managing your traffic peaks: scalability testing and solutions for occasional allocation of additional resources
  • Our SecOps expertise: auditing, security watch, virtual patching, etc. 

Take your approach to securing your IT servers even further by opting for our very high-security cloud solution: CerberHost!


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