Infrastructures redundancy

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Logo NBS System
Infrastructures redundancy

A very high availability infrastructure

NBS System offers high availability and very high availability infrastructures.
Our two datacenters (Equinix PA3 & Iliad DC3) benefit from the best certifications, are Tier 3+, and are linked by a ring of private fibers managed by us.
Each equipment benefits from a N+1 redundancy per datacenter (firewall, router, switch, load balancer, reverse proxy), and our NetAPP disk bays are themselves redundant, both locally et remotely, between each datacenter. Our network uplink is ensured by 3 different providers and failover is automatically handled by our routers.

Implantations in two datacenters for a very high availability

NBS System takes advantage of its two rooms in our datacenters, which enables us to master our equipment and its performance, as well as its security updates. The latter are more than 25km away from one another, which makes us one of the rare “multi-home” hosting providers that can offer high availability. In order to minimize SPOFs (Single Points Of Failure), our engineers created an architecture that is redundant at every level : routers (and routing), switches, load balancers and reverse proxies.

Evolution of NBS System’s datacenters

For better performances, NBS System upgraded in 2010 its two datacenters and went to Iliad in the DC2 datacenter, and to Equinix in the PA2 datacenter. In 2014 and 2015, the moving was completed and we got our own rooms : PA2 & PA3 at Equinix and DC3 at Iliad. After this great migration phase, NBS System was able to reinforce its datacenters and to optimize its redundancy by linking it with a double Interlan fiber.

Technical focus: Autonomous System and IP addresses

NBS System announces its IP addresses via its Autonomous System with the ID AS51335. Our infrastructure is thus a member of the DFZ (Default Free Zone), the organization with no default route, since they are “directly connected” to the Internet, and takes part in its network. Our ranges of IP address adds up to several thousands of addresses, among which an IP class (Independant Provider) and several geolocated addresses.

Focus on the infrastructure team

NBS System’s team unite experts in network and systems engineers. Solutions creators, open source contributors, or simply passionate people, our engineers can deploy customized infrastructures and Clouds that meet your needs.


NBS System’s infrastructure in figures

2 French datacenters



virtual machines

3 Cloud solutions

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