E-commerce hosting: our know-how

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E-commerce and NBS System: a love story

NBS System started its e-commerce adventure in 2006, by hosting Zadig & Voltaire’s website. 11 years later, NBS System took the Magento path and assembled the community as soon as 2008, quickly becoming the first hosting provider in this market. With the success of our high availability and scalability services, and the specialization of our teams, many frameworks then followed such as Prestashop, Hybris, Websphere, Intershop, etc.

In 2011, NBS System started publishing e-commerce content: its first e-commerce Benchmark, quickly followed by a second in 2013 and a third in 2016. They gathered more than 60 000 readers in the world.

Today, NBS System is the leader in Magento Enterprise and Hybris hosting in France and diversifies with actors such as Intershop and Oro, to serve B2B clients.

E-commerce is different from most CMSs, since its websites have to present, to each visitor, the most unique page as possible, a page that fits them. High availability can here be translated straight into cash, with a very high stability and great reactivity in case of an issue.

This unique know-how, acquired for more than 10 years, does not stop its evolution. NBS System is and will remain a leader in this field for which we have a great passion.

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