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The e-commerce market is still growing with nearly 200 million active sites in the world in 2017. Brands rely on their marketing campaigns, their promotions, their image and their prices to stand out from the competition, but there are other levers that should not be overlooked when taking a closer look at online sales.

Your e-commerce site must be online continuously and quickly serve pages to your users, whether during busy periods or not, to maximise your revenue. You must also guarantee the reliability, privacy and overall security of your customers’ data. Otherwise, you will lose their trust and undermine your brand image.

All these issues can be summed up in a few words: high availability, performance, scalability, and IT security. These elements depend on your application and (especially) the solution and e-commerce hosting options you choose.

Find out about our dedicated e-commerce hosting services! NBS System specialises in hosting Magento and Hybris, but we have developed dedicated services for e-retailers in general, no matter what technology you choose!


E-commerce site hosting: NBS System’s know-how

NBS System truly became an e-commerce hosting provider in 2006. We were testing website security, and many of our clients also asked us to host their platforms. Since most of them were fashion retailers, we quickly put our expertise to work developing solutions that met their needs perfectly.

High availability

The advantage of online sales is that they are available at any time. Whether your clients are logging on at lunch, when they get home in the evening, at 3 AM if they’re insomniacs, or travelling on the other side of the world, they must find your site open! High availability is a central criterion for choosing your e-commerce site’s hosting provider.

At NBS System, we guarantee 99.9% annual availability on our private cloud located in Paris. If you choose the AWS cloud, availability depends on the services used; for instance, the public cloud guarantees 99.95% availability for its EC2 instances and RDS database.

All NBS System clients are also protected by an anti-DDoS solution to avoid your websites being taken down by these kinds of attacks.


One of your e-commerce sites’ challenges is that, while they must be available continuously, the amount of traffic they host can change by a factor of three or even more during periods of high activity such as sales, Black Friday, or the weeks before Christmas.

One of the options to ensure your site always handles the load is to scale your architecture to handle the expected traffic peak for the year. But why spend the entire year paying for resources that you will only need for such a short time?

You can choose the AWS public cloud which offers unequalled scalability if you choose the service from AutoScaling Group to help you optimise costs and allow your platforms to scale to perfection. Our AWS-certified experts can help you with this!

However, those that prefer private clouds should not have to make concessions on their platforms. That’s why we offer you two solutions dedicated to managing traffic peaks:

  • boosters: when you expect a peak of traffic on your website (sales, special offers, etc.), we add resources to your platform to accommodate additional visitors, with no loss of performance
  • Extend to Cloud (ETC): if your website experiences irregular or unpredictable peaks, we include a dedicated but dormant additional server in your architecture. Should there be a massive influx of visitors, it is activated quickly to handle all the new users in a totally transparent way.


Here is a figure that is becoming well known: a one-second delay in loading your web pages is an 11% drop in an e-commerce site’s page views and a 7% drop in the conversion rate. Your website’s performance greatly impacts your business and can make all the difference during periods of heavy activity.

At NBS System, our cloud architects are committed to building, with you and for you, the architecture that best suits your needs and challenges, depending on the technology you choose and your business’s operating constraints. Our platforms are designed for performance, and we provide our clients with the basic version of the Quanta console, an analytics solution dedicated to this issue, for free. It helps you identify the bottlenecks on your application and system, so you can improve and optimise your e-commerce site.

If you use Magento or Hybris solutions, our experts have also developed optimal configurations for these technologies, so you can have even better performance!


Protecting personal data has become an issue for society at large, and your customers’ trust in your website’s security is more essential than ever. However, e-commerce sites are choice targets for hackers due to the immense value of the information that goes through them, such as credit card numbers. It is vital that you protect yourself and your customers.

By default, all NBS System clients benefit from our teams’ expertise in IT security since it was our first area of business. For example, your servers are protected behind a variety of infrastructure equipment and use a reinforced Linux kernel for better protection. We also offer a high-security cloud solution CerberHost that protects your platforms against the vast majority of web attacks and has never been compromised in its 4 years of existence.

Over the past few years, NBS System has become the leading French e-commerce hosting provider thanks to our team’ specialisation. We have published numerous White Papers in this field, including an e-commerce benchmark comparing 15 known solutions whose latest updated version was released in 2016. Our teams are Magento and Hybris specialists but have also diversified with systems such as OroCommerce to better address B2B companies’ stakes.

E-commerce hosting: our clients’ favourite solutions

 Magento hosting

NBS System is a key expert on the Magento solution, and we have been at the heart of the Magento ecosystem since 2008. We created Bargento, which merged with Magento Live France in 2017, founded the Magento community in France, and we have followed changes and audited the Magento 2 source code to verify and reinforce its security.

More than 50% of our clients use the Community or Enterprise version of this solution, and our teams have gained skills and know how to secure and optimise Magento’s performance to support your business. Choose our expertise in Magento hosting!

Hybris hosting

Hybris is an e-commerce solution adapted to both B2C and B2B activities and is a reference in performance and scalability. While not widespread in France, it has been chosen by some of the sector’s key accounts. Our experts support some of them in developing their online commerce business on Hybris thanks to specific configurations that get the most out of the solution. See our Hybris hosting offer!

Oro hosting

A recent open source solution created by one of the founders of Magento, Yoav Kutner, OroCommerce is part of a software ecosystem (PIM, CRM, etc.) resolutely specialised for B2B. Robust, flexible, powerful, and web-services oriented, the platform is growing and already benefits from a strong ecosystem in France. NBS System got involved very early with Oro, creating the OroVibe event. Learn more about Oro hosting!

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