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Hybris hosting

NBS System, leader in Hybris hosting

NBS System established itself over the years as the French leader on the Hybris technology. This e-commerce framework, compatible with both B2B and B2C, is a reference for its performance and scalability. Our engineers worked on specific configurations and know how to handle websites of more than hundreds of thousands visitors per day.
Hybris allows the generation of 10 pages per core, our engineers pushed this number to 37 pages per core, more than 3.5 times the performance announced by the editor.

Hybris, a powerful but complex system

Hybris is a Java-based technology, using many components and what is called a 3 tiers infrastructure. Optimizing its performances requires a lot of experience and know-how; we learned to master this product thanks to many years of work beside our clients. Our infrastructures, environments and configurations have been certified by Hybris/SAP (NBS System only offers Hybris hosting on its private Cloud).

Hybris, the scalability champion

Hybris can deal with very high work loads in a constant way, and charge pages in less than a second and a half, even under a high load.


NBS System’s expertise in hosting

3 000 managed websites

1st e-commerce hosting provider in France

40 technicians at your service