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A unique know-how in the performance of Magento

Since 2008, NBS System has been at the heart of the Magento ecosystem. After creating Bargento, Wikigento, and participating in the creation of the French community of this Open Source technology, NBS System became the French leader in Magento Enterprise hosting. We also contributed in the securing of this platform by auditing its source code in 2016.
Whether your project requires Magento 1 or Magento 2, NBS System’s experience in terms of availability, performance optimization and scalability are unique in France.

Optimizing Magento’s performances

Magento can charge a website in 1.5 seconds or in more than a minute, depending on the way it was built, but especially on the level of optimization of the hosting environment of the solution.

NBS System’s experts have been working for 9 years on this tool and know all of its aspects.

Our tailor-made for Magento environments are available on our private Cloud and on AWS. They all include, by default, a series of specific optimizations to make your website as fast as possible:

  • Htaccess optimization
  • Specialized Reverse proxies
  • CDN
  • Opcode PHP caching
  • Varnish
  • Redis for applicative caching and sessions management
  • Replacement of the standard MySQL Innodb by a more performing version
  • Possibility to use PHP FPM and Nginx to improve performances and stability
  • Systematic installation of the Quanta console
  • Fine tuning of PHP, MySQL and Apache configurations
  • Automated troubleshooting tools

Securing Magento

Magento has known several (more than 10) security vulnerabilities these last 4 years. The Open Source side of the project allowing security researchers to find these flaws in little time, this e-commerce system used by more than 300 000 sites in the world has quickly become a choice target for hackers.

Magento asked NBS System, in 2016 and 2017, to audit their code source in order to fortify it. For many years, we have been offering a virtual patching service to avoid any risk of compromission to clients requesting it or under the protection of CerberHost.

During the riskiest periods, our clients were thus able to keep their business going without any interruption while being fully secure.

NBS System: key Magento expert since 2008

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