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Anti DDoS: our solutions

What is a DDoS?

A Dos or DDoS consists in exhausting the resources of a server, quite often the ones linked to the network, in order to make a website or service unavailable. It is one of the most common attacks on the web, and usually aims at harming a company’s brand image.

Difference between a DoS or a DDoS attack

In a general way, the difference between DoS and DDoS can be found in the way the attack is distributed. A DoS comes from one single point of departure when a DDoS, whether application- or network-related, requests several computers or servers. A typical DoS attack (Denial of Service) sends 10Gb/s from a single IP address/machine to the targeted server, to saturate its network connexion which is, for instance, 1Gb/s. A DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) sends 1Gb/s from 10 different servers to reach 10Gb/s and bocks a server with a 1Gb/s connexion. The result is the same, but the sources vary, which makes the latter attack harder to counter.

What are the consequences of a DDoS?

On the victim’s side, the cost of a DDoS has been estimated between 7 000 and 40 000 € per hour in average by the Neustar report, or even more for big websites. It has become a weapon for unfair competition, a way to obtain a ransom, a gag against a medium that might bother a pirate, and generally, an almost undetectable method to do harm online.

Which anti-DDoS solution has NBS System set up?

NBS System is located in two different datacenters. For each of them, a first anti-DDoS offer is set up and offered by the provider. At the Equinix – Saint Denis datacenter, our provider Zayo offers 10Gb/s cleaning through their partner Arbor Networks. On the other hand, at the Iliad – Vitry datacenter, our provider Ielo offers the same cleaning capacity through the Wan Guard solution.

However, for NBS System, 10Gb/s is not enough of a guarantee for your, that is why we set up a direct partnership with Arbor Networks. Thus, as soon as our network gets close to 10Gb/s of used bandwidth, NBS System activates its Arbor equipments and is able to clean up to 2,5Tb/s. Our bandwidth is thus protected by Arbor Networks.

The company is, to this day, considered as the provider of the best mitigation tools for this scourge, which is why we chose it. They thwart network DDoS, allowing the targeted service to keep working even under a strong attack. For instance, the biggest DDoS ever recorded had a power of 1Tb/s. NBS System is thus able to bear 2.5 times the most powerful global attack.

Who is the anti-DDoS for?

Our anti-DDoS service is included in the monthly fee of our private security Cloud solution CerberHost.

To offer 360° security, NBS System includes this service in every CerberHost contract, in order to protect our clients from potential DDoS attacks, but also to protect all of our infrastructure.


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