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Anti DDoS: our solutions

DDoS attacks are one of the most common and most publicised types of attacks today, alongside data theft. With these attacks, hackers seek to harm your brand image, demand ransom, and reduce your online revenue if you have an e-commerce activity. This is all very easy to do by overloading your web servers or architecture equipment to slow down, or, most of the time, make your websites or applications unavailable.

This type of attack is easy, but so is the solution to protect yourself! Anti-DDoS protection helps you keep your business online by serving your legitimate visitors and users while diverting malicious traffic. This traffic does not reach your servers, which can continue working as usual: the DDoS attack has failed.

Anti-DDoS solution: protection is important

DDoS attacks on businesses, the media, or digital transformation participants like the one on Amazon Web Services in 2016 regularly make the news. However, only 1% of those who order these kinds of attacks are found and convicted. This feeling of impunity encourages hackers to continue using and improving these types of attacks, which are very easy to put in place.

It just takes one person with malicious intent and phishing skills to contaminate thousands of servers and personal computers and telephones and use them in a DDoS attack. Over the years, these hackers accumulate an army of “zombie machines” that they can use for one or several attacks, and this risk is increasing with the multiplication of terminals available.

But today, you can even order a DDoS attack without any computing knowledge whatsoever. This type of service can be bought on the “Dark Web” for as low as 4 dollars an hour for an attack on a site that is not secured by an anti-DDoS solution. If your web platform has this type of protection, it can cost the hacker four times as much, which can encourage them to find another less-protected target.

However, what most interests hackers in DDoS attacks is that for such a low investment on their part, the impact on your business can be enormous. On average, an hour of a DDoS attack costs victims between 7,000 and 40,000 euros, not to mention the cases where they have been used to interrupt production, take the business hostage and demand a ransom.

On the other hand, implementing an anti-DDoS production is very easy and low cost. With a minimal investment, you are effectively protected against these computer attacks.

Anti-DDoS protection: NBS System protects its clients

Your business’s continuity, the security of your data, and the availability of your web environments are NBS System’s priorities. That’s why we offer you a solution to mitigate DDoS attacks that allow your users or visitors to continue reaching your site in a fast and transparent way.

Installed upstream of our Paris datacenters (the infrastructure that makes up our private cloud), this anti-DDoS protection filters web traffic trying to reach your servers. When part of this traffic is suspicious and real-time analysis detects the start of a DDoS attack, malicious queries are automatically diverted before reaching your web architecture.

Only queries from legitimate Internet users reach your servers, which process them as normal and serve them without a loss of performance. Since they are not overloaded with useless queries, they can continue working normally. The attack is avoided, and neither your architecture nor your clients see the slightest trace of it. Your user experience remains optimal, and you maintain your clients’ trust.

With this anti-DDoS solution, you are protected against DDoS attacks up to 10 GB/s. We are currently hearing of attacks exceeding 1 TB/s, but these are still very rare given the enormous amount of resources they require. In reality, most DDoS attacks do not exceed this limit of 10 GB/s. If there is a more significant attack, other solutions can be implemented on a more temporary basis.

DDoS protection on AWS

Do you want the benefits of the AWS cloud? Don’t worry! Our certified teams are here to help you create a secure architecture adapted to how this infrastructure works.

By choosing the AWS cloud, you are protected by default against the most frequent and basic DDoS attacks that may target your network. This is the first level of AWS Shield, the anti-DDoS solution offered by Amazon Web Service. You can also choose the higher version of AWS Shield that will specifically protect your architectural equipment that hackers may target. You will get better, more complete and customised protection against the risks that your business faces.

When should you use an anti-DDoS solution?

DDoS attacks can happen at any time depending on the schedule of the hacker who has ordered them. When they are motivated by ideology, they can start after a particular event like the publication of an article, for example. However, if they are not targeted, it is impossible to tell when the risk is the greatest or the least. Hackers don’t have any time or seasonal constraints.

Instead of asking when you should activate your anti-DDoS protection, the only question to ask is if you have such protection. It must be on at all times like it is on our customer fleet. If you are not protected, take care of this ASAP!

Anti-DDoS and other protection: high security with CerberHost

By default, all our clients enjoy our anti-DDoS protection, but this may not be enough to protect your business against all the risks it may face. To meet this need, we offer a high-security hosting solution, CerberHost. CerberHost protects your web platform from the most common attacks including DDoS, of course, as well as the threats listed in the OWASP Top 10 like SQL injections.

This high-security solution is available on the NBS System private cloud and the AWS public cloud and is comprised of several technical, human, and organisational protection systems that interact and coordinate with each other. It adapts to your project according to your business’s goals and risks without disrupting production or impacting your web platform’s performance.