CerberHost: high security solution

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CerberHost: high security solution

What is CerberHost ?

CerberHost is the result of more than 10 years of expertise, 2 years of initial R&D, but also ongoing improvements since 2013, as well as the knowledge and competences of our system administrators, already seasoned in Cloud matters. With CerberHost, NBS System guarantees you 99,99% cybersecurity, automated protection against 9 of the OWASP Top 10 attacks, as well as anti-DDoS protection. Besides, since 2013 CerberHost has been PCI-DSS compliant and following a process of credit card data protection.

Discover CerberHost in pictures !

CerberHost has been tested by the teams of the cybersecurity firm HSC, and no consultant succeeded in compromising it.
A challenge has been set up in 2013 to reward the first developpers or hackers achieving the compromission of CerberHost’s architecture. For now, no one has succeeded.

Where is CerberHost available?

CerberHost hosting is available in France on NBS System’s infrastructure, in Switzerland on Net4All’s infrastructure, and also on the Public Cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services).
Our teams are “AWS Solutions Architect – Professionnal” certified, enabling them to master AWS’s infrastructure and special features.

How does CerberHost work?

With its many human and hardware protection levels, CerberHost ensures a cybersecurity level still unrivalled at this time.


CerberHost in figures


Launched in 2013, after 2 years R&D

Protects against 99,9% of known attacks

Available on the AWS public Cloud

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