PCI DSS: data security norm

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PCI DSS: data security norm

What is the PCI DSS norm?

PCI-DSS is the acronym of “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. Today, credit card data is getting more and more targeted by hackers. Created in 2006, the PCI Council is an independent organization aiming at securing the environments where we use our credit cards. The PCI-DSS program’s goal is thus to improve the security of information systems and requires of this market’s actors to set up and follow some best practices.

Who is this norm for?

PCI DSS is for every actor that gets, carries, stores and/or treats credit card data. Small shops, e-merchants, transportation networks, call centers, banks, card editors are among the businesses concerned by PCI DSS. 50% of control points linked to the PCI DSS compliance of an e-merchants are in its information system or hosting platform.

PCI DSS Compliant: NBS System’s part

NBS System has submitted its secure Cloud solution CerberHost to the PCI DSS norm as soon as October 30th, 2013, in order to better satisfy its clients. Four years later, the XMCO certification cabinet still trusts NBS System: CerberHost gets the PCI DSS certification again in 2017 ! You can consult it here.

CerberHost: PCI DSS Compliant

CerberHost is a hosting solution enabling to protect your website agains DDoS attacks and all known web attacks, by uniting technology and high-end services. The PCI DSS compliance of CerberHost guarantees your clients the security and confidentiality of their online payment and allows you to store credit card data.


NBS System’s PCI DSS expertise

CerberHost, PCI DSS compliant

“Compliant” certified since 2013

NBS System is also ISO 27001 certified