Dedicated server : the Extend to Cloud solution


Absorb traffic peaks on your website

Your business is seasonal or you experience traffic peaks on your website? Your website is subject to unpredictable traffic peaks?
Extend to Cloud is made for you.
This solution enables you to activate additional resources on your platform whenever you want. Your website can then serve the punctual flood of visitors, with no performance loss and completely unnoticably. Once the peak has gone, additional resources are deactivated until you need them again.

Extend to Cloud, an economical solution

Don’t pay for resources you don’t use for most of the year! Save money on your infrastructure by limiting it to the resources you always need.

Subscribe to the annual ETC contract and pay for resources only when you use them! The activation of the instances is billed by the hour, day or month. The annual fee enables us to maintain your server in operational conditions identical to the ones of your usual servers, for a fast and harmless production launch.

Your need: an agile capacity to serve visitors

  • – Media : hot news…
  • – E-merchants : sales, Black Friday, commercial operation…
  • – Institutionnals : TV appearance…

The answers of ETC

  • – 8 CPU/16Gb RAM instances
  • – 1 to 3 instances per server depending on your need
  • – Activation in 20 minutes


NBS System’s expertise in hosting

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40 technicians at your service

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