Traffic peaks without performance loss

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Traffic peaks without performance loss

Traffic peaks, an important stake

Performance is a major indicator of the success and efficiency of a website. Internet users are less and less patient and expect an ideal experience from the websites they visit, no matter the time or context!
To ensure your website’s performance, your platform must be well scaled, and must be able to adapt to traffic changes, in order to always provide your clients with a quality experience.

Why add resources to your website?

In case of a traffic peak, if the infrastructure underlying your website is not adequate, your visitors will experience a performance decrease. Some might not even be able to reach your pages!
Anticipating these cases and adding resources when needed enable you to maintain a quality service to all your users. You avoid any brand image deterioration, visitor loss, turnover loss for e-commerce websites… But Google will also like it, since the search engine penalizes slowest websites.

Adapt your resources to the flood of visitors

Our teams can add CPU and RAM on demand on your infrastructure to welcome extra users on your website without any performance loss.

This prestation is billed by the day, and requires that you warn us 1 week beforehand in order to plan this new configuration right.

Are you subject to unanticipated traffic peaks?

Choose the Extend to Cloud! This annual solution enables you to benefit from additional resources whenever you need it, in just a few minutes.


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