Logo NBS System
Logo NBS System

1999 – June: Creation of NBS System

Based on our expertise in penetration testing and code audit. Quickly, our clients also requested that we host and manage their servers in a safe way.

2008 – October: Creation of the Bargentos

NBS System contributed to the animation of the French Magento community by organizing the biggest Magento meeting in France, and quickly became an unavoidable actor in the e-commerce sector.
By extension, our expertise on other solutions such as Hybris, Websphere, Drupal Commerce (and others) has reinforced this position. Our experts know how to bring optimization and great resource scalability, for your websites to always be available and fast.

2010: Upgrade of our DataCenters

For better performances, NBS System changed its two Datacenters and chose Iliad (DC2) and Equinix (PA2).

2012 – May: Launch of CerberHost

After 3 years R&D, where NBS System focused its strenghts on a new stake: very high security hosting. The union of our know-how in IT security and managed hosting allowed us to address this new stake: high security Cloud. Only a company that is an expert in penetration testing and managed hosting could offer such a solution, that we called CerberHost.

2012: Publication of the Benchmark of e-commerce solutions

Since we regularly received counsel demands from our clients, Philippe Humeau decided to write about 50 pages to expose our feedback about different e-commerce solutions (Magento, Hybris, Websphere, etc.)

2013: Publication of the Benchmark of e-commerce solutions – v2

After the publication of the first Benchmark of e-commerce solutions was a success, Philippe Humeau audited the 12 principal e-commerce solutions on the market, in order to write the second edition of the Benchmark of e-commerce solutions, now counting 168 pages.


2014: Upgrade of our Equinix Datacenter

NBS System upgrades its Datacenters again and obtained its own room at Equinix (PA3).

2015: Upgrade of our Iliad Datacenter

We made a new upgrade in our Datacenters, and obtained our own cages at Iliad DC3. This second migration phase enabled us to reinforce and optimize our redundancy.

2015: Connection of NBS System’s Private Cloud to AWS

We made our first deployments on AWS, and our “Infrastructure” and “Exploitation” teams got their first Solution Associate Architect certifications.

2016 – January: NBS System joins OT Group

In order to reinforce its offer and to promote secure hosting on a larger scale, including abroad, NBS System joins OT Group, composed of Oceanet Technology in Nantes and Net4All in Switzerland.

2016 – September: Publication of the e-commerce Benchmark – v3

The market is constantly evolving. Thus, Philippe Humeau decided to write a new version of the e-commerce Benchmark, in order to include updates and new roadmaps that editors set up since the 2013 edition.

2016 – October: Fusion of « Bargento » events with « Magento Live France »

Bargento (organized by NBS System) celebrated is 10 years in 2015, and Magento Live France (organized by Magento Corp.) was born in February of 2015. It was thus obvious to regroup our efforts in 2016 and to merge both events to reinforce the Magento community rather than dividing it.

2017 – June: Launch of the 1st OroVibe event, in partnership with Oro

NBS System launches in 2017 its first OroVibe event in partnership with Oro in order to regroup the Oro community and make it come to life. The goal is the same than when we created Bargento for the Magento community.

2017 – June: graphic redesign of NBS System’s brand image

In order to reinforce the consistency and brand image between the different entities of OT Group, NBS System looks like a new business through its new website and logo.

OT Group’s key figures

160 employees
3000 hosted and managed websites
+600 penetration tests

26 millions euros turnover in 2017

21 years of experience