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For the past several years, online security, especially data security, has become a major topic for companies that are growing on the Internet. An increasing number of websites are targeted by computer attacks because of the value of their database, while others are attacked simply because they are not protected enough.

Hacking techniques change every day, and ensuring your data is secure is essential to your company’s sustainability and the trust your employees and clients have in you. That’s why choosing a secure hosting solution is the best way to secure your website at all times against most computer attacks and ensuring your and your clients’ data is safe.


Secure hosting: our solutions

For the past few years, you have had access to an increasing number of choices in IT hosting. We went from on-premise servers to a multitude of public or private cloud providers.

Today, however, a simple web hosting solution is no longer enough for many businesses: that is why they are turning to a high-security hosting solution. In addition to making sure your data is available in case of disaster or power failure, this type of hosting provides a safe environment against computer attacks whatever the underlying technologies.

Among the most publicised attacks are DDoS attacks that make websites unavailable and are growing in number. We provide anti-DDoS solutions so that you can block these threats in real time. But that’s not enough!

At NBS System, we have over 18 years’ experience in computer security and 11 years’ in hosting. Thanks to this experience and our experts’ colossal amount of work, we can offer you a secure hosting solution for your data: CerberHost. It protects the entire website against all types of known computer attacks, and even against emerging threats, thanks to our security team’s active monitoring which allows us to improve the solution continuously.

Why use a secure web hosting solution?

When designing your IT project, it is essential to follow best security practices in developing and configuring your software. Similarly, you must update your software as soon as a security patch is available to protect yourself against newly discovered flaws.

However, human error is possible, and sometimes it is complex to perform regular updates if specific developments have been made to a platform. Therefore, these best practices are not enough to guarantee the security of personal data and Information Systems. Furthermore, it is impossible to guarantee 100% security: the goal is to limit the risks to a maximum to encourage hackers to find another target.

For this, you must create your architecture, processes, and organisation according to the stakes of your business and the risks to which it is subject, considering the protection of your data. This is “security by design” which will probably be required of all companies in the coming years. Secure hosting is an effective way to include security from the design phase since you already enjoy a certain level of protection and can adapt solutions to your needs.

Nearly 80% of companies state having been subjected to at least one computer attack in 2017. Therefore, it is not surprising to note that, according to a study by Gartner, 60% of companies will invest in new data security tools such as encryption, secure web hosting, and security audits by 2020, compared to 35% in 2017. What about you?

Which web hosting solution should you choose?

Of course, the choice of your provider depends on the solutions you have chosen to mitigate the risks to your business depending on your operating constraints and your objectives. When choosing a web host, do not rely on prepared arguments, and always ask for guarantees from your service provider. Don’t hesitate to audit them to prove what they say. This also goes for NBS System!

We also believe in the strength of open source and advise you to rely on this pool of tools: their code is so heavily reviewed and improved that the chances of finding and fixing flaws are greater than with proprietary solutions. At NBS System, this is why we use open-source tools to which we contribute or ones that our security experts create themselves.

There are many tools like that for securing a web environment such as application firewalls, virtual patching solutions, and anti-DDoS systems. However, these tools must be interfaced with each other and work together as part of your information systems security policy, which must be determined during the project’s start-up phase. Your service provider can help you choose the most appropriate solutions for your needs and build the architecture that will make sure your online project is available, effective, and secure with no concessions.

That is the advantage of CerberHost, our high-security hosting solution that brings together many IT security tools and adapts to your business.

High-security hosting: CerberHost

At NBS System, we created the high-security hosting solution CerberHost to respond to the following observations: at least one flaw is found in 90% of websites, and 75% of the major computer attacks take place because of the exploit one of these flaws.

Consisting of several interoperating layers of technical, organisational and human security, CerberHost protects your website against the most widespread attacks. Among these attacks are not just DDoS attacks, but also malware, code injection, cookie theft, and so on. This solution was put to the test by several professionals and “nice hackers” during a challenge that we organised to confirm its reliability, and it was never compromised.

Web hosting security: our solutions against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks, i.e. distributed denial of service attacks, aim to make your site, application, or one of its services unavailable. Their goal is generally to damage your brand image, but they can also impact your turnover or your business continuity if your IS is impacted. These are one of the most widespread computer attacks for websites.

Are you worried about your website’s security against DDoS attacks? At NBS System, we offer you proven, effective anti-DDoS solutions. All our clients benefit from this protection.

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